How to Properly Maintain Your Car in Rainy Season

If you’re a driver than you’re probably aware that rain can sometimes be dangerous. Not only while we’re driving but also for your car’s condition.

In order to keep your car in a good condition in a rainy season, follow these few tips we will reveal. You might as well learn how to prepare for a rainy weather.

Cover your car when it’s raining

Covering your car when raining will protect your car’s body, the seats from leaking or prevent ruining important things in your car. However, you might as well consider covering your car if you keep it in your garage. You never know what might happen and from where leaking may enter the inside of your car.

Always check your tires in rainy season

The grooves on your tires are not just for decoration. They are designed to redirect the water away from the ‘contact patch’ of rubber that keeps your car glued to the road. If your tires are worn and old, you might struggle to move through the water on the streets and roads. That’s why it’s important to have good tires and always keep them inflated.

Keep your windshield clean and give your vehicle a proper wash and wax

It seems useless to wash your car in the rainy season considering the fact that it will get dirty again. However, keep in mind that your car is vulnerable to water spots and it’s your duty to give it a proper wash and wax.

The wax will keep the forming of the rain spots and make your car easier to clean after getting dirty again. As for the windshield, you must be aware that when it rains, the water dries on the glass, leaving stains of dirt that are hard to remove. However, if you wash your windshield on time, there shouldn’t be any problem! You might consider cleaning the windshield washers and wipers as well.

Check for possible leaks

Always check the rubber seals around the windows, doors, trunk, and hood. Clean the dirt that gathers around the seals and checks for possible leaks. It’s better to fix it before it rains rather than to fix the leaks when they cause damage.

Check your car battery in rainy season

Although car batteries usually last for at least 5 years, when it’s rainy season, their lifespan reduces to one or two years. That’s thanks to cold, wet weather and humidity. They may cause minor electrical grounds that can drain the battery overnight and can also cause terminal corrosion.

If you get caught up in a storm, tighten your belt and don’t start your engine in water

Although it’s not the best option to wait for the storm to pass, it’s the smartest move. Tighten your belt and you will be protected from possible hits if you’re caught in a flood.

However, in order to make sure your belt is functional, always check it before the rainy season starts. Another important advice is not to start your engine in water. The chances of water getting into your engine and cause system malfunction are huge. However, if you see water coming, don’t slow your driving but keep a constant speed if possible.