Why Car Lights Are Important and should be in Good Condition

Car lights are important for every driver as they help with visibility especially at night. They are not as useful during the day unless the weather is bad. However, this is not the only importance of having different car lights. So, what is the importance of car lights?

Fog Lights Help in Bad Weather

During the day when fog is dense, it’s snowing or it’s rainy, you use fog lights. These are special lights that come in handy in such weather. Headlights are not the best to use since there is a way they obstruct a driver’s vision with its reflections during the day. One thing that you should note is that they should not be used in clear weather. This is because they blind oncoming drivers.

It’s Easy for Other Drivers to see you

Car lights, in general, will help other drivers to see you in darkness. When there is total darkness, not many drivers will see a car that is a few meters away especially when it’s dark in color. Many accidents happen due to this such as when there is a stationary car without lights. When car lights are functioning properly, other drivers will be able to see you.

Enhances Safety

When turning or stopping whether is on a cross-walk, traffic lights or for some other reason, applying brakes lights up the brake lights which alerts other drivers. When you slow down or you have stopped, they get to know. Turn signals are also crucial as they give a sign to other drivers that you want to turn or you are changing lanes. 

How to Ensure All the Lights are Functioning Properly

Besides taking the car to an expert, some of these lights are easy to check on your own. For the headlights, turn the car on and go in front of it to ascertain they are working. Test both the high and the low beams. You can also check the turn lights by yourself. When it comes to brake and taillights, you can have someone drive the car or assist you to check when you drive.

Every light in the car is vital. When they are in good condition and they are used properly, they can help prevent possible accidents. One thing to keep in mind is that if the lights are not needed, they should be turned off otherwise they become a nuisance and they communicate wrong intentions. Whether its brake, turn, fog or headlights, they should be off when not needed.